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Wild Seeds is a platform for projects that relate to non-human intelligences.


Wild Seeds wants to shed light on these perspectives with the aim of creating curiosity and interest in approaching organisms in our environment on a deeper level.


The platform started in the summer 2021, and has so far taken the form as performances and workshops. Wild Seeds was located at Kunstnernes Hus and Startblokka.


The first season of events consisted of the following:

Vigids Exercises - a workshop with Liv Bugge. The workshop was about trying to approach crude oil, not just as matter, but as an entity.

See without man - A performative poetry reading with music and video. Collaboration between Viktor Pedersen and Ingrid K. Bjørnaali.

Alrunen Forteller - a performance by Hannah Mjølsnes. Through various sensory experiences, the audience got the opportunity to get to know the mythical plant Mandrake.


For each event, a conceptual serving was also produced by visual artist Simon Daniel Tegnander Wenzel

Wild Seeds will continue in 2023 with a new season with events that will take place at Podium in Oslo from January to August.

This page is still under construction. Images and more info will come soon.

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