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Veien is the recording name of Norwegian musician and visual artist Viktor Pedersen. “Tilbake til den skinnende skogen” is his debut album. Recorded during the winter in northern Norway. The album is made almost exclusively of flute recordings, either dry or heavily processed. Together it weaves an hypnotic and sparse electroacoustic soundscape that is at times sorrowful or meditative. Inspired by the ecological strain on the environment, as well as a longing to reconnect with the non human. “Tilbake til den skinnende skogen” is a dreamy journey through the forests, caves and cathedrals of inner and outer nature.

Veien is my new music project. Veien exists within the landscape of ambient folk. Using woodwind instruments and field recordings, I seek to emulate the wonders of inner and outer nature. In July Veien will release it´s debut album: Tilbake Til Den Skinnende Skogen. Stay tuned for more news.

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