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Thieranthrop (2017)

Performance. Duration 20 min. Performed in collaboration with Siri Mari Vitalis Larsen.

Pile O Sampi
Pile O Sampi



The Performance was held as part of Pile o´Sápmi, which was a series of art happenings arranged to show support and solidarity with Jovset Ante Sara. A sapmi reindeer herder who at the time was in court against the Norwegian government because they want him to decrease and force-slaugther his herd. This will make it hard for the reindeer herders to continue to live of their ancient tradition. 



During the performance I walked into the city center dressed as a white humanoid reindeer. While the reindeer moves around it talks about the changes made to the town center, which has transformed from nature to civilisation. When it discovered that the spectators in the town square can see the reindeer, it becomes happy since humans does not usually have the ability to see supernatural beings. After fighting of a wolf attack, the reindeer encourages humans to come visit the supernatural beings. And that the place they can find them, is within themselves. He then walks away and disappears.

Pile O Sampi
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