Se uten mennesket (2021 - 2022)

The project is a collaboration with Ingrid K. Bjørnaali.

Video with sound. Duration: 20 min

The work's narrative is a poem that reflects on humans relationship to plants and nature. It is both an autobiographical story about trying to approach plants as intelligent beings, mixed with reflections on the power relationship between plants and humans, as well as how we project our wills on nature.

Ingrid K. Bjornaali har done the visual part of the project. In her work, she captures specific biotopes with different camera technologies and processes. She is interested in the meeting between human and nature's technology, and the visual or technological language we translate and understand nature through.


For this video she has worked with 3D scanning plants that I cultivate at home. The plants are from the Nightshade family, such as Belladonna, Mugworts  and Tobacco. Plants used for medicinal and ritual purposes. The 3D scanned models are then used to create the video material. 

The work will premiere this autumn as part of Screen City Biennial 2022. A short excerpt is available below.