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Scobymannen (2021)

Video, 11 min, 

Scobymannen uses scoby as a starting point to reflect on how the covid-19 pandemic affects the psyche as well as how we relates to our surroundings. The protagonist in the film is the Scobyman, a hybrid between self-portrait and embodied scoby. Scobies are symbiotic cultures consisting of yeast and bacteria and are used to ferment kombucha. For scoby to thrive, it must be in a dark room, not be in contact with other bacterial cultures, and generally be left in peace. Something I draw parallels to how it was to live isolated during lockdown. In the video, scobyman does activities associated with the life of a scoby. For example, give birth to new scobies, eat sugar, drink tea, and isolate itself in a dark room.

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