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Viktor Pedersen

b. 1988

Member of UKS and NBK


2018 - 2020 MFA, Oslo National Academy of the Arts

2013 - 2016 BFA, Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art and Creative Writing.

2008 - 2010 Film studies, Nordland Art and Film College.




Screen City Biennial Oslo edition, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

A new season of Wild Seeds, Podium, Oslo

Solo Exhibitions

2022   Dancing With Dionysos, Gallery Memphis, Oslo 

2021   Skin, a border, Studio 17, Stavanger

2019   Experiences of the Dissolved, Seilduken 2, Oslo

2018   From the Depths, A Voice, Parthenon, Tromsø

2017   Trip Report, Small Projects, Tromsø

2016   Exodus, Galleri Snerk, Tromsø

Group shows


Screen City Biennial, Archenhold Observatory, Berlin

Coast Contemporary, Tromsø, Norway


Just be quiet and feel it around you. K4, Oslo

Life is a Gas. Loftet; Kunstneres Hus, Oslo

Jeg er mangfoldig. The Arctic Arts Festival, Harstad

Wild Seeds. Kunsternes Hus and Startblokka, Oslo

After School Special, Bergen Kunsthall

Cyfest, St. Petersburg, Russia


Høstutstillingen, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

Avgangsutstillingen, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo


The Suitors, Momentum Biennalen, Moss

Lofoten International Art Festival, Lofotpostbygget, Svolvær

Close to Cancellation, Gallery seilduken 1, Oslo 

Vi møtes i Victoria Huset, Botanical Gardens, Oslo


Why We Cant have Nice Things, Seilduken 1, Oslo

Castles, Museum of the Academy of Fine Arts, St Petersburg, Russia

Steinalderdrømmer, Nordnorsk kunstnersenter, Svolvær


Pile o Sápmi. Curated by Máret Ánne Sara, Tromsø

Alien Threshold, Gallery Napa, Rovaniemi, Finnland,

The Powers That Be, Levende Lokaler, Tromsø

Tromsø Tegneklubb, Galleri Snerk, Tromsø

Inversia Festival, Murmansk, Russia


Tromsø Open, Cafe Eka, Tromsø

Toronto Art Book Fair, Mondo Books, Canada

Fighting Gravity, Kurant Visningsrom, Tromsø

Supermarket, Stockholm Independent Art Fair, Sweden


The Big Splash, Tromsø Academy of Fine Art and Contemporary Writing.

Reality Rehearsal #1,   Collaboration with Ina Hagen,  Oslo

Inspired: Musical Interactions With The Polar Museum, Tromsø

Inspired: Musical Interactions With Art. Northern Norwegian Art Museum, Tromsø


Phuture Club 2, Nebbelux, Fredrikstad

Phuture Club 1 Kurant Visningsrom, Tromsø

++, Black Box Theatre, Oslo

Tromsø Open, Bangsundbrygga, Tromsø

Film Screenings

2021 Ouroboros, Galeria Nova, Zagreb

2017 Year Zero. Tromsø Academy of Fine Art and Contemporary Writing. Curated by Tanya Busse and Arne Skaug Olsen  

2015 On the Tragic. Tromsø Academy of Fine Art and Contemporary Writing. 

2010 Impressions of the North.  The F.M Dostoyevsky Memorial Museum, St. Petersburg Russia

Curated projects

2022    Co- curator of the exhibition Utopia at Tegnerforbundet. 

2021    Wild Seeds. A platform for projects that relate to non-human intelligences, Kunstnernes Hus and Startblokka, Oslo

2015    Letter of Intent. Kurant Visningsrom. Tromsø

2014    Galleri Snerk. Co-founder and curator. Tromsø

2010    Hønefoss Film Festival, Film programmer, Hønefoss

Discography and Publications

2021    Veien - Blyant. Singel release with remixes, digital.

2020    Veien - Vi er her. Album released on Breton Casette, Myntegata 2, Oslo

             Tangboka, Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter

2018    Veien - Tilbake til den skinnende skogen.  Album released on TECKEN records

2017    Trancend #0, Art magazine compiled by Anne Ødegård

2016    Through Hardship To The Stars. Fighting Gravity, MONDO BOOKS

2015    A Greater Jihad – jpgHAD. Album released on ANIMALs records.

2013    No Fate Compilation. ANIMALs, Art Magazine



Veien – The Suitors, Galleri F15, Moss

Veien - Karlsøyfestivalen

Veien – Hildelund Konstfestival, Vestre Amtervik, Sweden

Veien - Vårscene fest, Euforisk, Oslo


Veien release concert, OG35, Oslo



2022    Nordisk Kunstnarsenter Dale, Dale in Sunnfjord, Norway

2017    Barentskult, Recidency in St. Petersburg and Arkhangelsk, Russia

2016    Dark Ecology, Journey 2016, Kirkenes to Murmansk


2022              Winner of the Coast Contemporary Prize 2022

2018              Assistant for Trygve Luktvasslimo and Camilla Figenschou through the Art Councils assistant grant.

2015 - 2018  Assistant for Lisa Torell through her PHD at Tromsø Academy of Fine Art and Contemporary Writing. 

2016              Pojkarna, Poster for Teater Temauer, Gothenburg, Sweden.

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